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With the number of elderly & disabled people increasing steadily, there is an increasing need for efficient & safe medical transportation to meet their healthcare requirements. Unfortunately, many families have to pay exorbitant sums to transport these patients for medical intervention.

It is very sad to note that many elderly people suffer from brain damage or permanent organ failure & may die due to their failure to receive treatment on time. Therefore, it is important that affordable & reliable ambulance services are available to meet medical transportation requirements. This applies to both clinical emergencies & long-distance non-emergency medical transportation.

It is interesting to note that there is a large number of elderly people who indulge in leisure & travel. This also requires reliable means of transportation facilities for elderly patients. Furthermore, elderly residents may require medical evacuation due to illness or injury when they are away from their homes, particularly in remote, hard-to-reach locations on time due to traffic jams.

While traveling, seniors are likely to face many cognitive, physical, & social challenges due to prevalent health conditions. Therefore, the crew of ambulance services must be adequately equipped to handle these requirements & also manage any medical crisis during their traveling.

Here are few tips that can be used to ensure safe medical transportation for the elderly:

  • Have a thorough discussion with the doctors & obtain medical clearance especially when traveling long distances. This helps in realizing potential complications that may arise during traveling. It also helps to proactively mitigate potential risks by keeping an eye out for them.
  • The travel environment may lead to feelings of discomfort & insecurity in the elderly. This is even more so if they suffer from mental illnesses such as Dementia & Alzheimer. The accompanying medical staff including the nurse & paramedics should be fully aware of this & well prepared to facilitate them appropriately.
  • Most elderly people are more sensitive to changes in climate & other environmental factors than people of other age groups. This is because they are fragile & have immune systems in their bodies. So, they can feel uncomfortable while traveling. To make them feel comfortable, it is necessary to discuss with them individually & help them as required. Many simple measures such as covering the elderly with blankets to keep them warm & providing protective clothing while out & about can boost their comfort levels.
  • Many elderly people suffer from chronic health problems including respiratory problems & heart disorders. Thus, they may experience breathing difficulties while traveling especially if there are differences in elevation. Hence, the best ambulance in Karachi must be equipped with flawless oxygen cylinders & masks to supply it with oxygen if needed. Staff must also be trained to handle equipment & administer resurrection procedures to restore respiratory function & manage heart attacks.
  • Keep the elderly well hydrated by giving them water during medical transport. This prevents dehydration, fatigue & various other health complications. Skin lotion can also be used to prevent dryness & itching.
  • It is very important to carry all of your senior’s clinical records including medical history, diagnostic reports, prescriptions, & medication schedules. The ambulance must also contain emergency & first aid medications & other healthcare equipment to deal with the patient in unexpected events or crises.
  • All other essential items such as contact information of family members & friends, cell phone, clean drinking water, regular medications, extra clothing, eyeglasses, healthy foods & nutritional supplements must be carried without fail.
  • There should be enough places in the ambulance for family members or caregivers to accompany elderly patients. This greatly increases their confidence & makes them feel comfortable & secure.

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